Fear of change

Doing something challenging can be scary! I guess this is what is happening to me now, I remember when I received the email confirming my application, I was so happy. Now that the trip is getting near I feel afraid. The conscious and realistic me knows that everything will turn out for the best, but it is not enough to keep the feelings down. Sometimes I am afraid I won’t adapt well to the new university, that I will be devastated with saudade from everything that is dear to me and that I will fail at every course. Seriously, I guess this is the worst scenario and I still do not wish to drop out of the boat!

I guess the whole feeling carousel is part of the journey, I mean, I still recall the feeling of being lost at the beginning, and the disappointment when the lady from the international department told me the application could be too late, the stress of paperwork, the exciting feeling of being accepted and now the fear…

Recently, I talked about this with someone that knows me well – sometimes better than myself. “In my opinion, this is precisely the only thing you will adapt immediately”, he said with a smile. I was not expecting that answer… But indeed helped.


When was the last time you pursued something that scared you?


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