The teachings of the Animal Farm

Also, through my visit to the Lello bookstore, I saw the Animal Farm, the sentence “All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others” made me desire to read it, I did not know the book and that enigmatic sentence made me curious – I wanted badly to understand its full meaning!

Now, I have read it and I understand it now… I have to say the book is well structured, it shows clearly its true message and I advise everyone to read it. I even encouraged my little sister to read it, I hope she understands the true meaning of the story by herself. I know the story is about a specific moment in history, although I would prefer to see it through a different point of view.

The book shows off a few characters, which represent diverse kinds of people: the horse Boxer which believes strongly in the revolution ideals, but does not think for himself and therefore truths entirely on the pigs; the donkey Benjamin which foresees the events, but once he does not believe in a long lasting change, does nothing; the pigs that agreed with the privileges above the remaining species and the immensely pursuable cheeps. All these characters represent common people in our societies, the fact that these animals cannot think for themselves and cannot read represents an advantage for the pigs (who can), the same happens in the real word. The more uninformed, uneducated and incapable of thinking by themselves the common people are, the larger the advantage of the “pigs”.

Books, newspapers, documentary movie and the internet facilitate the access to information and knowledge, but the capability of thinking for your own head is something no one can gift you for your birthday. Choose wisely the contents you read and be critical about them! Do not allow Squealer to fool you. There are a couple things that might help: stay informed and talk with people with different points of view.

Unfortunately, many of us, common people, do not talk in our daily life about issues that really influence the world we live in. I mean, it can be so easy to talk about soccer – or football, in the USA –, celebrities and scandals. But how much do these things really influence our lives? In most cases, not much. But to talk about politics, economics, environment, physic, engineer, arts,… we need to have some knowledge and a critical view of what surround us. Not having or not using it enlarges the gap between us and the ones with the power.

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