The beginig of the 4th Industrial Revolution


In the next 10 years, we will be living the 4th Industrial Revolution, from my side, I am excited! It means better standards of living and a lot more opportunities for me as young skilled professional.

But before we talk further, I want to explain what it really means. The first industrial revolution was a result of the steam machine, the second was when we started using linear assembly systems and the third appeared with the use of robots in repetitive tasks. The fourth will use all the mentioned technologies in the image, I want to talk about each one and some of its potential.

Autonomous robots

They are called autonomous robots because they have a certain degree of autonomy, this autonomy is obtained through a variety of sensor which measures internal (proprioception) and external (exteroception) features. These robots are also capable of adapting to their environment and to the objects which are supposed to be handled, they have the capacity to learn and require little human intervention.


The imitation of an operation of a real-world process or system over time it’s called simulation. This allows the study of a scenario with different variables in order to obtain the best combination, for example.

Industrial internet

The IIoT uses machine-to-machine communication (M2M), big data technologies and sensor data to consistently capture accurate data and communicate it. Through its analysis companies can reduce inefficiencies, improve quality control, reduce production costs and time, became greener and improve the supply chain traceability and efficiency.

Cyber Security

It refers to hardware, software and information. It includes controlling physical and networking access, code injection and malpractices from the operators. In a digitalized world cyber security gains importance.


“The practice of using a network of remote servers hosted on the Internet to store, manage, and process data, rather than a local server or a personal computer.” Some examples are Google Drive, Dropbox and OneDrive.

Using a cloud to store your documents allows you to access them anytime and anywhere. Or if you are working on a team, to see, at the moment, the improvements your coworkers are doing. An example is Google Docs.

Additive Manufacturing

This technique builds 3D objects by adding layer-upon-layer of material, nowadays we can create objects mainly with plastic and metal. This field includes 3D printing.

Augmented reality

Augmented reality is different from virtual reality, virtual reality creates a completely new environment. Otherwise, augmented reality supplements the real world and on real time, by adding sound, videos or graphs to your view of what is surrounding you.

Big Data & Analytics

We call big data to data that is too large or too complex to be handled by a traditional software. The main goal is extracting value from this data, this includes from spotting business trends to prevent diseases or combat crime.

As you can see, using all these technologies together we can have costumed products and with more value for the consumer, that are less harmful to the planet and are cheaper. We as human beings can have more intellectual and fulfilling jobs, more quality of life and more free time.

Although, as expected, there are some issues with the Industry 4.0, this revolution will kill low skill jobs, although it will open opportunities for software programmer, data analysts and 3D modellers. There will be about 600 000 job losses in Germany alike economies for the next 10 years and 1 million new jobs. As a whole, the society will be better off, but there are lots of low skilled people to which the transaction won’t be easy. I recently heard about companies who looked for young graduated people in fields of low employment and trained them in software related fields. After the company would target specific companies and offer their new skilled professionals, the targeted company paid a commission and obtained the professional it was needing. This can be an opportunity for young people, but probably not for people on their 40s or 50s. Well-planned public policies can help reduce the impact on these citizens and the use of augmented reality can also help. Although, I must say I do not believe it will be done enough. Governments are always to worried about the urgent and not enough in the upcoming!

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