How to act like a leader? How to talk like a leader?

Being a leader is hard. You need to have the right attitude in each moment, you need to communicate effectively, you need to be able to manage conflict and guide your followers through the journey. Today we are focusing on speaking like a leader.

Laura Sicola’s talk focus on the form and not on the content of your message. She explains how to do it yourself and why you should care about it. I believe it will be helpful even if you do not see yourself as a leader because it shows how you can apply it to your presentations and daily dialogues. It shows how can you deliver your message effectively with the help of voice allocation.

Personally, I believe she is right, we need to start focusing on the form too. We can start by pronouncing our name correctly and slowly building up our communication skills. Eventually, endind up spending 38% of our preparation time with preparing and practicing the form.

What is your opinion? Do you pronounce your name right?

How do you believe you could benefit from her tips?
Tell me in the comments and share Laura’s advice with your friends and colleagues.

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