How to reduce waste | The zero waste movement

We live in a consume oriented economy in which the consumer is gaining power day after day. We have many options online and therefore we demand what we want. If the mainstream companies do not fulfill our desires, we look for alternatives. And we find them! With this in mind, I realised that we have the power to reduce many of the environmental and social problems we have been facing in the last years. By demanding that companies care about it too and take action. I really like this video because it show...

How to get digital? How to adapt?

The internet, at the very beginning, was only able to communicate one way. You could read but not reply, comment or ask. In contrast, today, you do nearly everything online. The internet is 100 times faster and 1/10th the cost. Being able to adapt is crucial! So check out a few things I learned with André Zeferino, author of the book "Digital Marketing Analytics", about digital transformation that will help your business adapt to the new digital era.